Learn About Our Approach to Pediatric Dyslexia Therapy

Posted on: May 15, 2018

Pediatric Dyslexia Therapy

What is the difference between our pediatric dyslexia therapy and other available treatment options? Parents ask us this question on a regular basis since they are contemplating bringing their child to our office for help. To answer this question, it is important to break down the various aspects that go into our treatment plan.

We take a scientific approach

First and foremost, it is necessary to note that we take a scientific approach to working with children who are struggling with dyslexia. Our approach understands how to work with dyslexic children and how to maximize the therapy sessions to yield the greatest results.

We empower our young patients

Perhaps the most important aspect of our pediatric dyslexia therapy is that we empower our young patients to be their very best. We do not view dyslexia as something negative. We help the children identify and develop their incredible traits to find success in society.

Our job is to give them the tools they need to do so while also building up their confidence and support structure. When children become aware that they simply need to see things differently, they tend to be more excited about school. In turn, they are ready to learn and to grow.

We believe that this empowerment approach is different from what parents will find elsewhere. Many treatment centers are not as positive as we are. While subtly different, the empowerment approach that we take allows our patients to have a different attitude. This, in turn, makes our therapy more effective.

We build our support structure as well

Our team understands that children do not live in an isolated vacuum. What happens to them is often influenced by their parents and other family members. While these individuals can be a fantastic support structure for our patients, they need to know how to do so.

Therefore, we work to build up our patients' support structure as well. This can include providing parents with information, tools and tips. It can also include group therapy and support sessions where everyone can participate. We understand that when the entire family is strong and understanding of what it means to live with dyslexia, our patients are better off.

We understand how intelligent dyslexic kids are

Another important guiding principle for our team is the knowledge that dyslexic children are incredibly intelligent. Too many people view them as having limited intelligence because of their dyslexia. This is a mistake. Dyslexia has nothing to do with intelligence. It simply involves viewing things and processing information differently.

Since we know that our patients are highly intelligent, we hope to bring that out and encourage their academic performance. This is growth that we see in our patients on a daily basis.

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