Let our patients speak for themselves...

"Sending our son to the Wellington-Alexander Center is the smartest investment we've made in our lives so far." -

Parents of a 7-year-old boy after he finished intensive treatment the summer before his second grade year

"The confidence and self-esteem that I gained from the language therapy and my mentors at the Wellington-Alexander Center was life-altering. I am now more confident in my writing. I also have the confidence to tell a teacher that I don't understand something and that I need them to re-explain it. Throughout all of the time I spent at the Wellington-Alexander Center I learned skills that I will use for the rest of my life." 

excerpt from an essay written by a 16-year-old girl who completed the intensive treatment program 

"I have seen amazing progress in this student's work. She is much more confident and seems to have gained the necessary skills to allow her to approach her work with a "can do" attitude. I am so happy she will be entering the 3rd grade knowing she can be successful. The Wellington-Alexander Center has done a marvelous job, and from this end I would just say keep doing what you are doing. It is working well!" -

Second grade teacher of an 8-year-old girl upon her return to school after completing the intensive treatment program and follow-up TU sessions

"I praise the Wellington-Alexander Center every day to anyone who will listen!" - parent of a third grader who completed the intensive treatment program "You changed my life!" 

8-year-old girl after completion of intensive program

"The Wellington-Alexander Center provided both measurable and immeasurable improvements in my two granddaughters who completed the nine-week intensive program this summer and fall. Prior to coming to the Center, both girls tested below their respective grade levels and struggled significantly with their schoolwork. The older of the two, who is in seventh grade, was born deaf and gained hearing through cochlear implants at age 2. Following the complete treatment program, which was tailored to each child's exact needs, the improvements have been no less than extraordinary. Both girls are now working at grade level, need much less assistance with their homework, and are overall just more confident in themselves and their abilities. This is certainly extremely gratifying and a great comfort to me, as well as their parents. While the commitment to the Wellington-Alexander Center can appear significant at first, the return has been immeasurable. I cannot think of a more important financial investment I could have made as a grandfather than sending the girls to the Wellington-Alexander Center and helping them ultimately achieve a better education." -

Grandfather of two sisters, aged 13 and 8, who completed the intensive treatment program

"You know why I can read all these words? Because you showed me what the letters say. So now I can read any word!" -

6-year-old boy in his last week of the intensive treatment program

Success Stories


"I want you and your entire staff to know how impressed we've been by your program this summer. We are grateful for the consistency in your teachers and their expertise, and most of all the positive attitude and encouragement they each showed to our child. As you know, we came to you full of doubt and hope. We were afraid of yet one more failed program as we have been trying to assess and treat our daughter's issues for several years. Today we find ourselves at the end of a very emotional twelve weeks. Emotional because not only did our doubt dissolve early on, but because excitement has taken its place. We have watched our daughter become better expressing herself verbally, and confident in what she is learning. Thank you all, this has been a truly wonderful experience for all of us!" -

Mother of a 9-year-old girl who completed the intensive treatment program