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​Specializing in one-to-one intensive dyslexia intervention, the Center is the only provider in Arizona with speech-language therapy, occupational therapy and psychological service professionals collaborating daily to ensure your individualized program is a success.

Dyslexia  Facts

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How does a dyslexic brain learn differently?

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    The  Wellington-Alexander Center goes to the root of an individual's reading challenges: creating and strengthening the areas of the brain required for long-term, evidence-based improvement.

    Practicing phonics and reading with a tutor or specialist will address the symptoms of poor reading and phonics, but the underlying brain processes will remain weak and result in ongoing struggles.

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It is estimated that 10-20% of students have dyslexia or some language-learning challenge.


Dyslexia is hereditary. If dyslexia or "reading troubles" are in your family tree, be mindful!


Intelligence is NOT affected by dyslexia. Those with dyslexia often have IQs in the superior and gifted range.


Dyslexia is not something one outgrows. With the right intervention, however, one's potential can be met.

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