Dyslexia Facts

Dyslexia intensive Intervention In Scottsdale
FACT:  It is estimated that 10-20% of students have dyslexia or some language-learning challenge.

FACT:  Dyslexia is hereditary. If dyslexia or "reading troubles" are in your family tree, be mindful!

FACT:  Intelligence is NOT affected by dyslexia. Those with dyslexia often have IQs in the superior and gifted range.

FACT:  Dyslexia is not something one outgrows. With the right intervention, however, one's potential can be met.

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Speech-Language Therapy  |  Occupational Therapy  |  Psychological Services

Forming new pathways. Transforming lives.

​Specializing in one-to-one intensive dyslexia intervention,
the Center is the only provider in Arizona with speech-language therapy, occupational therapy and psychological service professionals collaborating daily to ensure
your individualized program is a success.
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​Our Philosophy

The  Wellington-Alexander Center goes to the root of an individual's reading challenges—
creating and strengthening the areas of the brain required for long-term, evidence-based improvement.

Practicing phonics and reading with a tutor or specialist will address the symptoms of poor reading and phonics,
​but the underlying brain processes will remain weak and result in ongoing struggles.

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